Hey hey, we’re back with a brand new post as promised! About two weeks ago we found out about this place, which would be opening with a lot of different street food from around the world. Of course, ya girls were intrigued and had to go try it out. What really got our attention was the fact that they would be selling Korean food. Let’s be honest here, since Denmark’s lack of Korean food is a job for the gods to fix we would never have thought that this would happen so soon. So as you can tell by now we have been struggling to satisfy our cravings for Korean food.

The day of the opening came along and we went. The venue is located in Odense downtown and is called Arkaden Food Market. We ended up ordering Korean and Japanese food, which we have different opinions on. For Korean food, we ordered Bibimbap and Japchae with Kimchi on the side and for Japanese food, we ordered Sichuan pork ramen. Of course, the Korean food wasn’t as good as the food we ate back in Korea but we still enjoyed it and we would definitely go back. The Japanese food, on the other hand, wasn’t as we expected it. The noodles were soggy, the pork was mediocre, and the broth tasted like fireworks, LITERALLY.
If you’ve tried street food abroad, especially in Asia, don’t expect the price to be the same. It’s a lot more expensive. The food we bought varied from 89-100 kr. but the portions were big so two persons can easily share one portion.

The food was overall very good and we’ve challenged ourselves to try every food stall in there. You should definitely try the food too!

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