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What’s good everyone! Vigah and Visha coming at ya with a brand new post. Once again, long time no see. We’re really the worst at keeping you all updated and we apologize once again for that but we’ve had so much to do and didn’t have energy to blog.

Our friend from home, Laura, visited us here in Korea last week. We went to Incheon to pick her up and spent the weekend in Seoul. We already had plans prepared for the weekend as we were going to the AOMG Follow The Movement concert, which was held at Olympic Park. Before the concert we went to Hongdae and did some shopping but since everything in Korea opens at around 10am and we had to be at the concert venue at 2pm it was a very rushed shopping trip.
The concert, which was a hiphop concert, was amazing. After the concert we were quick to conclude that it was without doubt the best concert we had ever been to. It was relatively a small concert so we were pretty close to the stage and could see the artists very well. Park Jaebum’s abs were pretty HD as he tossed his shirt so you can imagine how we were feelin’ in there. As you’ve probably already figured out at a concert in Korea they speak in Korean and that’s also what happened there. Since we do understand a decent amount of Korean it wasn’t a problem understanding the artists. Of course we didn’t understand everything they said but enough to know what they were talking about.
After the concert we went to Myeong-dong and ate dinner, continued our shopping, and went back to the hostel. We went to the Stylenanda Pink Hotel flagship store and nothing has ever pleased our eyes as much as that store did. You can see for yourself on the pics above. We left Seoul the next morning as we had to be at work later that day.

– Vigah & Visha

Signing off,


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