Hey! I’m back. Hope you all had a great Christmas. Today I’m sharing my skincare routine with y’all. Vigah and Visha will be sharing their skincare routine in the upcoming posts, so keep an eye out for it.  I’m no expert when it comes to skincare and makeup. This is just to show you guys how I maintain my skin and what products I use on a daily basis.

Before getting into my current skincare routine, I want to tell you guys about my skin in the past. Let’s start with my skin type. I have oily and sensitive skin. Almost every teen gets acne at some point and so did I. It all started with forehead acne, which is caused by sweat on the forehead. It didn’t bother me in the beginning, cuz it wasn’t noticeable. It eventually got worse, because I didn’t do anything about it. I was way too lazy. I started getting bigger spots on my forehead. They were so big and red. I didn’t know anything about concealer, so I didn’t cover it up. I didn’t know what to do, so I went to the doctors and they couldn’t help me, cuz it wasn’t enough to be treated. My skin wasn’t that bad compared to some of my classmates back in school, but I still wanted it gone. I took the problem into my own hands and started searching online for some acne products – BIGGEST MISTAKE OF MY LIFE. I found “Clearsil”. I tried their scrub and treatment pads. These products were way too harsh on my skin and it made my skin look worse. I was left with bigger spots and dark brown scars. These products only helped my oily skin. It made my skin look matte. I moved on from these products a year after or so. I stumbled across the “Tea Tree” skincare collection in The Body Shop afterward. I finally found the right products to treat my acne. I used these products for two years, give or take. They’ve changed the packaging, but I’m sure the products are still the same. I was left with almost clear skin after using these products for about two years. I didn’t get spots frequently as before using these products, so I decided to move on to some other products. At this time I would only get some spots here and there, and they wouldn’t be big spots, so I didn’t need to continue with the Tea Tree products. In 2014 I discovered “Lush” and decided to buy my first face mask to help fight the last spots. I ordered the “Cosmetic Warrior” face mask and their popular cleanser, “Dark Angels”. I’ve repurchased the cleanser twice since then. Both products worked wonders on my skin. My skin was left smooth and matte with zero oil. I did also discover some other products. I went to France with my family to visit my dad’s sister and her family. My cousin introduced me to rose water and franch oil. I used rose water as a toner and it actually helped my acne. I run out of rose water after 4 months and just bought a bottle. I’m still using the franch oil. I use this oil for everything. It’s a multipurpose oil, so it helps fight acne, hair loss etc. I dab this oil on my spots and sleep with it overnight. I also use this for my eyebrows to get thicker eyebrows, but I haven’t noticed any difference yet. I’ve also used it for my stretch marks. I have a couple, but they’re almost gone. This product is all in all a great product.  The only downside would be the smell. The smell is so strong and herby. This year has been a great year for my skin. My acne is kinda gone and I’m only left with a few scars. I still get spots after eating junk food, but hey I’ll never stop eating what I like to just get clear skin 😉

This is my current skincare routine. I usually wash my face twice a day with my face wash from Garnier. I don’t stick to one specific face wash. I switch between the one from Garnier, Himalaya and L’Oreal. They’re all gel types, which I find best for my skin type. I’ll then apply some snail recovery gel on my spots and some moisturizer all over my face and neck. Twice a week I sleep with my Super3 on at night and rinse it off in the morning. And sometimes I’ll dab some tree tea oil on my spots before bed. All of these products are amazing and help keep my skin clear. Most of these products are affordable except the Super3. It’s kinda expensive, but it lasts longer than my other products because I only use it twice a week.


1. Face wash – Garnier 2. Spot Gel Cream – MIZON3. Moisturizer (DAY) – L’Oreal
/ 4. Moisturizer (NIGHT) – Beauté Pacifique / 5. Tea Tree Oil – The Body Shop

This is my last post in 2016, so I would like to thank all my friends (you know who you are) for the continuous support this past year. The past 5 months has been great. We’ve been off blogging the past two months because we’ve been so busy with sorting out visas for our travel in January. Hold on, we’ll explain what we’ve been up to very soon 😉

See you in 2017! It’s gonna be lit! *dab dab dab*


Signing off,


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