I’m back on the blog and I’m back with a new post.  One of my good friends wanted me to talk about current fashion trends, so here it is. I won’t be talking about all the current trends out there, cuz there are so many trends. I’ve only chosen the trends I like and the clothes I would wear. I tried hard to find some colorful pieces but failed big time, so there won’t be any colorful looks.  *Disclaimer* I’m not a fashion expert or anything near that. I’ve just created these looks from what I’ve seen celebrities wear and what I’ve read in magazines. The clothes are mainly from ASOS and Zara, but feel free to leave a comment if you can’t find what you want on the websites.


Skirts are a big thing in 2016. I paired the graphic tee with a pleated midi skirt in silver and some black converse to make it look stylish. I’ve added a classic red lipstick to add a pop of color to the outfit.
 Layering – one of the biggest trend of this fall. I like the idea of layering. It looks super cool and it keeps you warm in the fall. I’ve chosen a mesh bodysuit to put under the graphic tee for this look, but you can layer it with anything long-sleeved.
No fall without a classic hat. I love hats, so I wanted to create a look with a hat. I was going for a comfy and classic look, so I put these pieces together. The black converse and the turtleneck keep you comfy and cozy, while the metallic cami dress makes the outfit look dressy.
Pinstripe suit for a women? Why not? This look is so classy and cool. I love this look.
Velvet – it’s back and it’s everywhere. Velvet was very popular last year around this time and I’ve already seen a few pieces online. I’ve paired the velvet dress with some chunky cut-out boots, a classic black bomber and a velvet cap.  I’m obsessed with these boots and is still figuring out whether I should buy them or not.
Bell sleeves – late 2016 is all about the bell sleeve or the trumpet sleeve as some would call it. I’ve paired the blouse with a pair of classic black wide leg pants and some white sneaks. You can easily switch out the sneaks for some heels for a night out. It would look nice either way.
The Pyjama trend – both comfy and fashionable. I wasn’t into this trend at first but I’m totally digging this trend now.
Oversized – oversized and baggy clothes are extremely cozy to wear this time around. You can style your oversized pieces without looking “too oversized” (if you get what I mean) by wearing skinny jeans. It’s all about balancing the outfit.
No outfit without a statement piece! This fall is all about bags with guitar straps and statement chokers. The cute little velvet ribbon chokers are replaced by these statement chokers that cover your neck.
You can’t get through this fall without investing in a pair of boots especially over-the ankle ones. They are everywhere and in various patterns and style. These are my favorite booties. I like to keep it classic and simple hence the colorless outfits, but you can go for colorful booties. Don’t be afraid, just go for it!
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