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Three of my high school friends and I went to “Horrornights” at Valdemars slot in Svendborg. We’ve talked about this since the first year of high school, but we never had the time to make it. We finally managed to arrange a trip to Valdemars slot after three years. We left early because we wanted to eat together and catch up before the event. We ate at “Jette’s Diner”, which was great. I ordered nachos and some potato chips on the side with their homemade mayo.

We were all very scared and horrified to go to the event after eating our food. We just wanted to go back home, because we watched this video to get a taste of the event, which was a very stupid idea. We totally regretted coming to this event when we stood in line. The scare actors scared me to death. My heart was beating so fast and my stomach was hurting from laughing. I’ve never laughed and screamed like that before. After waiting for a very long time in line, we were finally let into the first maze – The Pharaoh. The entry was pitch black. We could barely see where we were walking and we couldn’t run because we were walking on sand. The Pharaoh was one of the scariest mazes, because we just weren’t ready and because we couldn’t run. The worst one was definitely Insane Asylum. Every maze was created so well and the scare actors did a great job. The whole event was well put together, so it was worth the money. I wish I could have taken some pictures inside the mazes, but I was scared of dropping my phone.

There was a total of 9 mazes:

  • The Pharaoh
  • Hell Harbour
  • The Factory
  • Lord of The Vampire
  • Insane Asylum
  • Blackwood
  • Mystery Place
  • Wonderland of Clowns
  • Army Area











– Sharanjah

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