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IMG_2106Hey guys! Coming through with my all time faves of the month of July. Starting off with beauty I want to talk about a hair care product, which is the Moroccanoil Intense Hydrating Mask. This product has without doubt been doing wonders to my hair. I have naturally super curly and dry hair and this mask just gives me exactly what my hair needs. It smoothes out my hair and leaves it silky soft. This is definitely something I will be repurchasing. You can pick it up at any hair salon in your area.
– Visha

Skærmbillede 2016-08-04 kl. 8.11.07 PM
My favourite beauty product of the month is two hair products by Trine’s Wardrobe. I’ve been using the “Argan Oil Curl Lotion” and the “Salt Water Spray” by Trine’s Wardrobe since my birthday. I got these products for my birthday by my sister, because I cut my hair short and needed something to give the hair more volume. My hair is normally “curly” (frizzy curls), but I lost my curls when I cut my hair short and I really want them back again!!!
– Sharanjah

IMG_2105For this month I’ve been obsessing over Mizon Snail Recovery Gel Cream, which is a Korean skincare product, which I purchased on www.roseroseshop.com. Skincare products containing snail mucin have been all the rage these days and therefore I decided to give it a try. Snail mucin (which is actually snail guts!) contains nutrients that are supposed to promote regeneration of the skin and by that fade acne scars – yes please! Actually I bought this cream a few months back but I didn’t get around to use it. I dug it up this month and I’m super happy I did. I can already see my acne scars fading and I’ll definitely be repurchasing this cream! So if you’re not too picky definitely give products containing snail a try.
– Vigah


VSCO Cam-1-4Moving on to the next category, let’s talk about fashion, more specifically, let’s talk about shoes – my favorite thing in the world. This month I went on to ZARA and got myself a pair of black cut out boots. I have been eyeing a pair like these for a while now and when I saw them on ZARA I didn’t hesitate to click them home. I just find them super stylish and even though I have difficulties putting them on despite my narrow feet, they’re still very comfy and that’s what matters.

VSCO Cam-1Another item I want to mention are culottes. Yes those weird looking, flowy cut off trousers. That’s exactly what I’m talking about. I don’t know what it is about them but they just give off a very sophisticated look like you’ve been taken straight out of the streets of NYFW. Also they’re great to either dress up with a pair of heels or dress down with a pair of sneakers. I got these culottes on Forever21 and I have them in navy and beige but I do find it easier to style the navy colored ones on a daily basis.
– Visha

Skærmbillede 2016-08-04 kl. 8.10.32 PMChokers are back into fashion and I’m obsessed with them, cuz I’m a 90’s kid. I remember wearing them all the time, when I was a kid. I had them in different colours and different styles. My favourite one was rainbow coloured like this one from Etsy  I’ve bought a couple of chokers this year and I can’t stop buying more of them. My two favourites are both from ASOS’s own line and I just love them. I wanted simple chokers with as few colours as possible, so I bought these two. The first one is a “Tattoo choker” in black and the second is a “Jewel choker” with a blue stone, which is currently out of stock.

VSCO Cam-11Talking about great comebacks → Culottes are back into fashion as well. I’m not gonna lie about not being a bit skeptical about buying my first pair of culottes in the beginning, because I was. I’m not that tall and I have very skinny legs, so I thought that I would look like a granny with them on. I took the chance and ordered my first culottes online from Bershka, but unfortunately they discontinued these pair. I’ve lived in these culottes since I got them and I won’t take them off. They are so comfortable and they fit perfectly. I just can’t wait to buy more of them. *Fun fact* Culottes were originally trousers for the upper class French men.

VSCO Cam-5The third and last item in this category is my new earrings from H&M. I don’t normally buy earrings, because I don’t wear them that often. From time to time I like wearing simple and small earrings, but it’s not that often, because I’m lazy. I went to Vejle with some of my friends and saw these earrings in H&M. I’ve worn these multiple times this month and that’s a new thing, because I normally only wear earrings when there is an event. I just love these earrings so much. The only problem with these earrings is the “cuff” on the top. You can’t wear these earrings throughout a tamil wedding, I tell ya. I wore them for my friend’s wedding and had to take them off and on all the time. They turned my ear red and they left a mark on my ears.
– Sharanjah

VSCO Cam-1-2Next on the list are fashion items. I’ve been rockin’ the wide leg pants this months and that for many reasons. First of all, wide leg pants are so damn comfy because they’re so flowy and breezy. Second, they give you an illusion of longer legs and who doesn’t want that?! Especially when you’re 160 cm like me. I’m tellin’ ya the struggle is real. And lastly, they make any outfit go from 0 to 100 real quick. I got mine at a local store called Rie K. and they’re from the brand JACQUELINE de YONG.

Skærmbillede 2016-08-04 kl. 8.24.17 PMAnd now to my fave piece. My very beloved bomber jacket from Topshop. It’s one of those Japanese inspired bombers that you definitely have seen somewhere on the Internet. But this is no ordinary bomber. What’s better than one awesome bomber? Two, of course, for the same price. You read right because this is a reversible bomber that allows you to wear whichever side you want according to your mood.
– Vigah


Skærmbillede 2016-08-04 kl. 8.27.13 PMMy favourite snack(s) of the month is two “healthy” energy snacks. I’m trying and have been trying to eat healthy for a long time now, but I keep failing (I’m currently eating a bag of crisps and drinking coke while writing this post, lol). I want to eat healthy, but I don’t want to stop eating sweet stuff, like chocolate bars, so I decided to try some healthy sweet snacks. I bought three different healthy snacks, two bars and one packet with protein balls. My favourites are “The Protein Ball Co. with Peanut Butter” and “CLIF BAR with White Chocolate Macadamia Nut”. I just can’t describe how good these snacks are. The protein balls with peanut butter tasted healthy, but I liked it. The clif bar with white chocolate and macadamia nuts was the best one, because it didn’t taste healthy at all. The white chocolate in the bar was so so good. I bought my snacks in Germany, but you can find them online.
– Sharanjah

Some great tunes I’ve been listening to are listed below. As you can see the list consists of American and Korean songs and that’s what I’m into these days.

  • 21 – DEAN
  • Kiss It Better – Rihanna
  • 우아해 (woo ah) – Crush
  • Temple – BAAUER ft. M.I.A. & G-DRAGON
  • Cold Water – Major Lazer ft. Justin Bieber & MØ
  • Why – Taeyeon
  • Lucky One – EXO
  • Save Me – BTS

– Visha

Moving on to the tunes I’ve been jammin’ to this month: Have a look!

  • Starving – Hailee Steinfeld, Grey, Zedd
  • Wild – Troye Sivan feat. Alessia Cara (I love this version featuring Alessia)
  • Go Off – M.I.A
  • The ocean – Mike Perry, Shy Martin (summer vibes)
  • One Dance – Connor Maynard feat. Harper ( love love)
  • Kiss It Better (R3hab Remix) – Rihanna (better than the original)
  • I’m Not Sorry – Dean, Eric Bellinger (kpop without the k)
  • Fire – BTS (It’s lit ? )

– Sharanjah

Down below I’ve listed the songs I’ve been jamming to the past month. Many of you might not be so familiar with half of the songs since it’s Kpop but you don’t want to miss out on this!

  • Can’t Help Myself – Eric Nam feat. Loco
  • Why – Taeyeon
  • Free Somebody – LUNA
  • Beware – Big Sean feat. Lil Wayne, Jhene Aiko
  • Needed Me – Rihanna
  • 21 – DEAN

– Vigah

A TV show we’ve been watching every week in July is Show Me The Money 5, which is a Korean survival show for anyone who has interest in rapping. We’ve especially been watching it as one of our favorite K-hiphop label, which is AOMG, has been participating as a mentor group. So definitely check that out if you’re into hiphop and don’t be scared of the fact that it’s Korean. (Shout out to subtitles)
– Vigah & Visha

All the TV shows I normally watch are on summer break, so I decided to re-watch “The Lying Game” again. I’ve already watched it multiple times, because it’s one of my faves. There is one whole season (20 episodes) and a half season 2 with 10 episodes. The TV show got cancelled because one of the characters in the show signed a new contract with another TV show. I remember being so upset and pissed, when I heard the news, because the show ended on a cliff-hanger *sobbing*  #BringBackTheLyingGame.
– Sharanjah


IMG_6259Lastly we want to talk about a concert we went to this month. We were in Copenhagen to watch our queen and goddess Riri. The concert was well put together and of course Rihanna didn’t disappoint with her talent and overflowing energy. We went with a couple of friends and it was a great night. #AntiWorldTour
– Vigah & Visha

There were so many great events this month. One of my childhood friends got married in the beginning of July. It was so so beautiful. They look so cute together and they are basically couple goals. Later in the month I turned 19 years old. I still can’t believe I’m 19 #timeflies. I don’t like to celebrate my birthdays with lots of people and make it into a big party. I’ve always wanted to celebrate my birthday with my family and my closest friends, but my parents always invite other families. I finally got what I wanted this year. I celebrated my birthday with two of my best buds (Vigah and Visha) and my family. We ate pizza, drank coke out of wine glasses (yes, we did, hahahaha) and talked all night long #BestBirthdayEver.

VSCO Cam-1-3We also celebrated my dad’s 50th birthday this month. My family and I love to celebrate our birthdays outside, because we love barbeques. My sister and I planned the whole birthday. We wanted a theme, so we went for poker/casino theme. We are a good team, when it comes to planning and decorating.
– Sharanjah

Signing off,


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